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♥ Hi! I'm Cranberry-Soap! ♥


I am not extremely talkative, though I will try to reply when I can!
Obligatory update journal of updated..ness. Sorry if I get a bit ramble-y.

For r4 of WalkingCityOCT, I have been matched up with the wonderful :icongullii:, with her characters Ira and Raizel! I am a little scared but very honoured to be matched up with you! I think this round will be intense with all the things going on..
Walking City OCT: Ira reference by gulliiWalking City OCT: Raizel Reference by gullii

Everyone worked so so hard during r3, and you should all be really proud of yourselves for what you've achieved. Especially my r3 matchup, Miss Overshadowed, if you haven't already, you should definitely read/watch her amazing round.

Everyone gave great performances and a lot of you made me tear up reading through your rounds. Seriously, I admire you all and there's been a lot of fun times, so I really hope we can still all have a time to chat and do silly stuff sometime, even after this OCT comes to its end.

I didn't expect to get to this point, but now that I have, I'm going to try my very best to work even harder on r4 and give everyone following me a good show. ;~;

I didn't manage to get full colours last time, although I got a lot higher percentage 'finished' of it than the previous times. I'll be working in a slightly different way in r4 so that while it might not look exactly the same as the pages I spent a lot of time on in prev rounds, I'm going to try to work in such a way that it will be more consistent as a whole and that hopefully I won't be panicking quite so terribly near the deadline.

I will probably be a little bit quiet while I gather my thoughts and plan everything, as well as deal with a few rl things.. so, sorry in advance!


Apr 19, 2015
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I'm sorry.

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I want Lias to be in a fanfic about rainbows. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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